Chicken Little Kids Zipline

Specifically designed for children ages 4-6, the Chicken Little Zipline is a kid zipline course featuring the Saferoller Continuous Belay System and functions like a roving zipline course. This kid zipline is great for first-timers!


  • One long continuous zipline
  • The Chicken Little Zipline is one of 3 courses in our Aerial Adventure Park that is designed for kids/geared for our youngest guests
  • Prepares children for the Aerial Adventure Park
  • Up to two hours of continuous fun


  • Designed for Children 4-6
  • 2-hour climb times
  • Platforms are less than 6 feet above ground
  • Parents can accompany kids on the zipline or follow along
Spend a Full Day with us

BUy an Adventure Day Pass

The River Riders Adventure Pass gives you access to a full day of activities! You get your choice of one guided activity and one self-guided activity.

  • Choose your guided activity from rafting, river tubing, or ziplining first.
  • Purchase your ticket based upon your guided activity choice (and whether you want a weekday or weekend ticket).
  • In the afternoon participate in up to 2 hours on The Adventure Park or The Potomac Play Pass.
  • Now that’s a day of adventure the whole family can enjoy!


River Riders has three courses that are specifically designed for your children aged 4-6. We have our Chicken Little Zipline, our Adventure Trail, and our Ultimate Tree House.

Kid Zipline

The Chicken little Zipline is a kid zipline course that includes the Saferoller Continuous Belay System and operates as a roaming zipline course. It is a suitable option for young kids to have their first zipline experience.

Ultimate Tree House

The Ultimate Tree House is a course designed for little adventurers to explore, with a low-to-the-ground structure.

Adventure Trail

The Adventure Trail includes a kid-friendly obstacle course with features such as a net bridge, a tire bridge, a slide, and more for children to climb and enjoy.

All of these options offer entertainment for kids ages 4-6 and are included in one purchase.

AdditionaL Info

Children are allowed to use the Chicken Little’s Course, the Kid Zipline, and Adventure Tree House. Children ages 12 and younger must be accompanied by an adult when going on the Kid Zipline Course, especially on their first time. Supervising companions are required to accompany young climbers at all times, including at the Tree House.

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